Five Family Movies Every Dog Lover Needs To See

We often look at family movies as the type that are sure to get across a certain lesson or important takeaway in life. They are the kind of film that brings you a little closer to each other and makes the hugs a little sweeter because you realize how important family is no matter what’s going on in the world. However, things begin to shift a little when it comes to family movies that have a dog play a prominent role in the storyline.

Dogs are referred to as “man’s best friend”, and given the level of loyalty that these rascals give to their owners, it’s easy to see why this is the case. But there’s more to why dogs share a special place in our hearts. It’s not quite easy to put your finger on, but it’s there and it’s undeniable. There is one real problem when it comes to family movies that feature dogs — there usually is a moment of reckoning for our canine buddy. It’s a tough part of life to deal with but one that has to come at some point.

If you love dogs and family movies, there are a lot of great movies to watch. Here are five that really stand out:

Beethoven — A big dog is one thing, but when you’re hitting nearly two bills worth of dog, you’ve got some serious stuff to deal with. This is an absolute family classic filled with laughs from start to finish. You’ll have a new appreciation for what it takes to raise a big dog, but you may also start thinking about owning one yourself.

All Dogs Go To Heaven — Sometimes getting a second chance can mean everything. This is one of those movies that is considered an all-time favorite but can be hard to watch. The lessons are hard & the situations presented feel so real, but no one can keep it together when Charlie can’t get to that clock.

My Dog Skip — This is a movie that exhibits life as a young dog owner. You’re buddies to the end, and then life starts making things different. Through it all, though, your buddy is there even when you’re not.

Old Yeller — It’s a story that’s become a pop culture reference for the ages. What happens when you know it’s time for you and your canine friend have to say goodbye the hard way by your own hand?

A Dog’s Purpose — We’ve all grieved when we lost a pet, but what if that wasn’t actually goodbye? Based on the successful book series, this film will make you believe that sometimes goodbye isn’t forever.

Now that you’ve had ample time to wipe your tears, it’s important to think about why family movies that deal with dogs, or pets in general, tend to have tough moments. It may seem a bit cruel to devastate an audience, but in many ways, the tragic moments these movies have can be really life-affirming. They teach us that life is short, so you’ve got to love as hard as possible, and that’s a lesson we can all lean on a bit more.




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