Dog Grooming – Bathing Them With Dog Shampoos


Keeping pets have always been one of the most obvious habits of people. Dogs are loved by almost everyone and dog grooming is part of taking perfect care of them.

The most common pet kept many people are dogs. Dog lovers are spread all over the world. The hygiene and well being of the dog is the first and foremost concern of any pet owner.

Basic grooming of dogs is one of the dog’s basic needs. Dogs get pretty smelly if their care is not done properly. Bathing them is a very important aspect and for that purpose best natural or homemade dog shampoo is used.

Dog shampoo not only helps in cleaning the dog, it also helps in fighting against dandruff, dry skin, mites, fleas and other allergies that dogs can get. Extra care is required with dogs and it is advised by most of the vets to the owners of the dogs that commercial dog shampoos should be avoided because they have strong chemicals and have undergone many processes and it can be harmful for a dog and that is why they recommend homemade dog shampoo which is comparatively costly because it is natural.

Dog grooming
Photo: Dog Grooming

Bathing of dogs should take place once a once a month necessarily. But it depends on the activities of dogs of indoor and outdoor. Because dogs that remain outdoor gets dirty sooner than the dogs that stay indoor. Matted dog hair is the biggest issue once a dog shampoo is used on long haired dogs.

The hair matting and tangles is very difficult to sort out and it is a pretty big discomfort to the dog and that is why long haired dogs require daily dog grooming and brushing of hair just to avoid the tangles and mats in hair because some types of dog hair are more prone to matting.

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