Looking like a tiger cat is the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen and it makes us all wonder if it’s real or not!


We don’t encounter cats that look like tigers every day, however, they do exist and many people own them as pets.

The beautiful cat shown in the picture and video is a Bengal cat that lives in Belgium and is owned by Rani.

This beautiful Cat is called Thor, who met her owner Rani back in 2013, they immediately fell in love and to this day they spend every day and every minute together.

It doesn’t seem uncommon for people to own cats like Thor, but not everyone is able to adapt to their personality and potential wild side. The Bengal breed takes beauty from two beautiful cats, they are a cross between a domesticated cat and an Asian leopard as such, sometimes their “wild side” may not be controlled, and some people can’t stand it. Still, they are beautiful and sometimes it is unbelievable that they are just domesticated cats.

Thor has collected all the attention since he entered Rani’s home. Beauty and personality make this cat a cute ad that is very suitable for the Instagram animal model. Unique tags/marks and beautiful eyes immediately hit social media, and the cat became very , very famous. Even today people comment saying that Thor’s pictures are not real and that this is just a cover-up.

Rani says, “In our neighborhood, everyone who saw Thor for the first time was surprised because they never saw anything like him.”

Rani is lucky because he owns a beautiful and well-behaved Bengal cat, but we can also say that not all of them are this way. According to the Wild Cat Sanctuary, they receive a lot of calls from Bengal owners asking for help or they want to give them up because it is not easy for them to handle.

As they say : “Beauty sometimes comes at a high price, but again who can resist a beautiful cat like Thor!”

For more pictures and videos you can enter Thor’s official Instagram page just by clicking on this link : https://www.instagram.com/bengalthor/?utm_source=ig_embed




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