Police dog was sacked for being too friendly but he immediately gets a new job afterward!

Gavel is a adorable German Shepherd puppy who was the best dog out there. He is excitable, happy, and simply a joy. Being around him brings a smile to everyone’s faces . Gavel seemed to enjoy being in the police force and after a while his mind was set in working for the Queensland Police Service in Australia.

Joylessly, Gavel’s dreams were cut short when he was told that friendly dog can not be part of the police service. Unfortunately , he was fired. He was heartbroken but again he decided to put himself on the job market, distributing out resumes to employers. One got back to him with the perfect opportunity for an excitable dog like he was. He landed in a perfect role working for the Governor of Queensland and now he is working as Vice-Regal dog.

His job duties require greeting guests at his workplace of the Queensland Governors, he takes part in official meetings and briefings with the Governor, and subsequently brings love and friendship wherever he goes.

This role seems to fit Gavel perfectly as he is a very excitable dog and a very-well trained one too. He may still think about his old job and how things would have turned out if he was there, but this is a new start for him.

He even has his own personalized uniform. This case just comes to show how being friendly really pays off and even though one door closes, another one will open for you if you decide to get back on your paws and fight again.

The Queensland Governor fell in love with the dog that he wants to keep him for a very long time and Gavel truly believes the job to fit him perfectly.




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