Loyal Dog Passed Next To His Owner’s Grave, After Staying There For 11 Years

We hear different stories every day that prove to us how blessed we are to call dogs best friends, they are the ones who never give up on us!

A dog named Captain began to spend his days on a cemetery after his beloved owner Miguel Guzman, who died in 2006.

The dog would sleep at night next to the grave of its former owner.

Captain joined his owner on heaven when he was 15 years old, he died because of renal failure .

The incredible story of the Captain’s loyalty begins on March 24, 2006 after his owner Miguel died.

The moment this loyal and sweet dog noticed that Miguel was no longer returning home, he decided to look for him.

No one knows what miracles he used to discover Miguel’s grave, the grave was located within the nearby Municipal Cemetery of Villa Carlos Paz in Cordoba, Argentina!

The Captain would lie next to the tombstone of Miguel every day from 6pm resting there until morning came!

Miguel brought the German Shepherd –Captain in 2005 as a surprise for his son Damian.

Seeing that the Captain had disappeared after Miguel’s death, his son Damian and wife Veronica searched for him, but had no luck finding him.

Damian found the dog in the cemetery when he visited his father’s grave, no one ever recognized how the dog managed to search and find its owner’s grave.

The family made tons to bring the Captain home, but he simply refused in part, whenever he got up in the cemetery.

Hector Baccega, director of the cemetery, said the cute dog won the love of both the cemetery caretaker and the field workers.

They made sure he was fed and vaccinated, Captain once broke his front leg and so a veterinarian was immediately called to help him.

Occasionally Captain would attend his old home and visit Veronica and Damien, the lady had already accepted that the dog did not want to stay with them, but wanted to stay by the grave of his best’s friend.

Damian once tried to bring the captain home, and then he realized that the whole heart of this tiny dog wanted to be next to it a tombstone!

The Captain and Hector Baccega would walk through the cemetery every day, but as soon as it got around 6pm, the dog would run to get down next to the tombstone of its deceased owner.

Unfortunately, 4 years ago a cute Captain was diagnosed with kidney failure during a monthly checkup at the family vet, the vet and family thought it best to let the poor dog carry his daily routine a bit like he did all the past years.

Rest in peace Captain, you were a true loyal best friend!!!!




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