This Stray Puppy Follows Any Person In Desperate Search For Love And A Home!

When South African organization The Dogbox Project was distributing kennels in Manenberg for stray dogs, they met a inquisitive pup. Unlike other stray dogs, he did not run away. This stray puppy followed them around! It soon became clear that this puppy would follow any type of person, because he was looking for a home.

A small light brown puppy, named Scribble, limped due to an injured leg. The volunteers assumed that Scribble was probably kicked out or injured by the dark citizenry.

Many homeless stray dogs live on the streets across South Africa, and just want to be loved. Fortunately, there are bands of animal lovers who have decided to demand action that will help them in any way. The Dogbox Project is one such group that’s providing kennels, food, and blankets for street dogs in order that they need a secure shelter.

Another such charity, Sidewalk Specials, decided to ask Scribble to Vet Point to invite him for a checkup.  An x-ray told the professionals that he had soft tissue damage that would be healed easily with the proper care. 

Sidewalk Specials housed him so he could be treated. During that time he got his first bath, first cuddle and a sea of friendly faces. But fostering wasn’t a permanent solution; Scribbles’ loving personality deserved a safe home.

When Expresso Morning Show together with Hill Nutrition decided to feature the fine work Sidewalk Specials was doing, who else might be chosen to be the character of the show aside from Scribbles! A stray puppy was shown on television, while a charity promoted an explanation for dog adoption.

From miles away, the family watching the show in Johannesburg completely admired this stray puppy.

They decreased to satisfy him and couldn’t resist his charms. Soon, Scribbles was adopted!!

This little stray puppy has traveled quite a bit. From being homeless, desperately following anyone on the damaging streets who could give him a home, to being injured, Scribbles never lost his loyal personality.  He did not allow bad experiences with several citizens to change his love for them. And his optimism paid off: he will sleep in a forever home with many love.

Too many dogs like Scribble live their lives without that love.
If you’re considering adding a four-legged member to your loving family, adopt, don’t shop.

Stray puppies like Scribble are expecting you.




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