Stray puppy finally relaxes when woman reaches to pet her!

 “I’ve never had a stray dog warm up to me like this. She was just waiting for someone to give her a chance.”

Stray dogs are usually sad and scared and withdraw when people try to touch them, it takes some time to gain their trust.

It is always said that cats choose owners, but today’s story shows that dogs also choose owners.

On Friday night as a lady named Jillian was taking out the trash, she noticed an animal hiding behind a bush, the animal was a cute dog that was confused and scared to death.

She wanted to run towards the animal, but which may have frightened the poor dog, so she began to approach him carefully, but the moment the dog sensed that someone was approaching him, he started running.

Jillian wanted to show the dog that she didn’t want to hurt him, so she started a conversation and surprisingly the dog stood there noting her before she ran and disappeared.

The woman saw the dog again the next day, but at this point the animal seemed to know that the lady was there to help him.

Wanting to meet the dog, Jillian came up with the idea, which worked perfectly because it included food.

“When I rotated to go back inside, i noticed she was following me at a distance,” Jillian told The Dodo. “That was once I figured I could get her to trust me. I got a bowl of water and a few pet food and left them within the corner of my yard before walking a secure distance away.”

The dog ate all the food and began following Jillian while keeping a secure distance.

“We got some more pet food and left a trail for her to follow back to our yard, where I fed her again,” she said. “This time, I sat on the brink of the food. I expected her to run away after she ate, but instead she stayed next to me and even started sniffing me!”

“When I got up, she followed me all the way to my backyard and sat next to me,” Jillian added. “My stray dog has never warmed up to me like this. She just expected someone to offer her a chance. “

The last encounter made Jillian one hundred percent sure she wanted the dog to become part of her family, they called her Luna and now she is a crucial member of the family.

“We decided to stay her because we are softies who can’t say no,” she said. “I’ve also always loved pit bull mixes so I fell crazy with Luna directly .”

Luna also seems to have loved her new family and loves to learn how to socialize more with people.

Luna is the most enjoyable thing that has happened to a family in which they are now sure they want their dog to be a part of their life forever!

Hopefully, the story of the sweet Luna will inspire more people to adopt pets and provide them with homes forever!!

Source : The Dodo




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