Dog Walks 37 Miles Home After Owners Forget It At Service Station!

The desperate animal was a sack of bones and dirty after being constantly crowded on busy roads for days!

The cute dog walked 37 kilometers for 26 days because he tried to look for his owners – who accidentally left him at the station, Chinese media report.

The seven-year-old cute dog, named Dou Dou, was forgotten by the family when they stopped on the highway for an opportunity.

But the determined dog clearly could not part from his beloved owners and began a difficult and long journey home.

According to Hangzhou-based newspaper Qianjiang Evening News, the saga began when a person named Mr Qiu and his family – from eastern Chinese city Hangzhou -drove to the village to visit relatives last month, bringing Dou Dou with them on the trip.

They stopped at Tong Lu Station, about 60 kilometers away from their home, and Mr. Qiu told reporters that he simply assumed Dou Dou stayed in the car while the family took care of their young child.

It wasn’t until they arrived at their destination a few hours later that they realized their pet hadn’t arrived with them – rushing back to the station to find the dog, but without luck.

Speaking to Qianjiang Evening News, Mr Qiu said: “We hoped it might survive and find a good-hearted one that would adopt it.”

Luckily, Dou Dou decided to demand fate in her paws, and the family was stunned when a dirty, skinny stray dog suddenly appeared at their door.

Mr. Qiu explained how Dou Dou had weakened so much that the family initially barely recognized the animal.

He continued, “Apart from being skinner than before, [Dou Dou] was still an equivalent self.”

“Its eyes are radiating with lights.”

He added: “Luckily he had no injuries.“

“Even though Dou Dou was tired and walking wobbly on the primary day ,after returning home, it’s become tons more energetic recently.”

The impressive story impressed others as well, and animal experts praised Dou Dou’s ability to make his way home, no matter what!

A dog trainer told the newspaper: “We are still trying to know dogs’ many behaviors.

“But Dou Dou can find a home even so far away.” “It’s exceptional talent.”

While Dou Dou’s journey was obviously unbelievable, experts also claim the dog’s behavior was probably accidental – warning other pet owners to observe their animals while outdoors or traveling!

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