Faithful Dog Waits Beside His Owner’s Bed In The Hospital Not Knowing That He Has Passed Away !

Whenever a loved one passes away, we grieve for quite some time!

The cute and steady dog was seen patiently waiting for its owner and sat for a long time next to the hospital bed, not knowing that its owner would never return!

In the picture, you can see Moose, a three-year-old Labrador mongrel from New Jersey, waiting next to his owner’s hospital bed.

The poor dog is unaware that his owner has passed away and that he has been left completely alone!

However, some people took a photo of him and shared it online in hopes that Moose would find a replacement family who would love and care for him and play with him.

Moose has been waiting by his owner’s bed for a very long time.

NorthStar Pet Rescue decided to share a photograph of Moose after he was taken to last minute Rescue in Randolph, New Jersey.

They also shared some information about Moose over the internet in hopes that there might be a family to adopt the poor dog.

“Please help Moose find a replacement home and a family he will love again. He is a naturally overjoyed boy. He just needs people to help him heal his beautiful heart “ they wrote. 

“He’s a three-year-old lab mix, heartbroken, adores kids, is good with dogs (he’s pretty neutral towards them), but he’s not meant to be home with cats or birds.”

Hundreds of people showed their interest in adopting Moose!

Not surprisingly, the announcement immediately went viral and received a lot of attention from people who wanted to adopt Moose.

With only a few days since the photo was shared online, Moose has found his forever home!!!

“MOOSE HAS BEEN ADOPTED by an excellent family who will look after and love him for the remainder of his life!”

“Once again a big thank you to everyone who shared his story! ” -NorthStar Pet Rescue wrote.

Share this story of this beautiful dog and his new life in a new family that will heal his torn heart with love and attention!

Watch the video below for more information!

Moose may have found a beloved family who adopted him and provided him with a replacement home, but there are still many equally loyal dogs in shelters who need a home of love…




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