Man Spots Two Frozen Puppies in Box And Rushes To Save Their Lives !

Human cruelty has no limits.

This time some crazy individuals did the unthinkable.

They placed two helpless puppies in a box near an empty plot.

Luckily, a passerby spotted the box and was curious enough to come closer and see what was inside.

To his surprise, the two poor puppies were almost frozen to death.

Even though they were both unconscious, the man knew there was still a chance they would be revived.

As he ran out of time, he drove them to the nearest animal center.

The condition of the two puppies was very bad.

However, the staff at KC Pet Project were willing to try to to beat their power to save lots of the small ones.

“Today we are grateful for various reasons. We are grateful to the person who found the box in this picture that contained the two puppies and brought them to the shelter for care. “

 KC Pet Project wrote on their Facebook page. “They were unconscious once they arrived and were immediately taken to our veterinary clinic.”

“We are grateful to our veterinary team who worked for hours giving these puppies fluid and trying to keep their little bodies warm to normal levels,” they continue.

“We’re thankful to the canine care team member who took them home for overnight observation and continued with their care.”

Thanks to the team’s dedication, the puppies pulled through.

“We are just happy to report that they survived. We are also grateful to everyone or any donation to our Roadrunner Medical Fund that allows us to provide care to puppies like this in the KC Pet Project. “

“They will now be monitored for a few days to make sure they are stable, and then they will move into the family for recovery until they are ready for adoption.”

Now that they feel great, they love to eat and nibble fine and play.

“It’s safe to mention that they enjoyed it,” says KC Pet Project. “So much, they were wearing it.”

Watch the video below!

Although many of us who stumbled upon this story have shown an interest in fostering puppies, they are still very young and can only be put up for adoption when they are 8 weeks old.




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