Dog Refuses To Stop Barking Until Biker Follows Him To Abandoned Baby !!!

In late December, Junrell Fuentes Revilla was riding a motorcycle through the mountains near Cebu in the Philippines when a dog started running after him.

The puppy barked and barked, desperate for Revilla’s attention.

Biker sensed that the dog was trying to inform him of something, so he stopped the motorcycle and approached the puppy.
The dog led Revilla into a dumpsite and toward a touch squirming bundle on the bottom .  “To Revilla’s surprise, he found a baby wrapped during a brown towel,” Gea Ybarita, a staffer at Hope for Strays, told The Dodo.
“The location where the baby was found is isolated since it’s on the highest of the mountain.”

Revilla grabbed the newborn and drove the baby to the nearest police headquarters, where the Social Welfare Department jumped in.

Due to the dog’s quick thinking, the baby was found just in time and was still healthy.

When the story of the heroism of the stray dog spread to local news. Volunteers from the Rescue Hope for strays rushed to the mountains hoping to look for a useful puppy.

Instead, they found a person who claimed that the dog, named Blacky, belonged to him.

“He showed us gratitude to his home and to our surprise, Blacky was there with three more dogs,” Ybarita said. “We’ve confirmed he’s not a wanderer in the least.”

Rescuers were relieved that Blacky had a home of love. But it was obvious that the dog and his family still needed help.

“[Blacky’s owner] stated,‘ No matter how hard life is, even though I’m poor, I feed all my dogs and take good care of them, ’” Ybarita said.

Blacky and his family have since received community support, including food donations, pet supplies and more.

 While Blacky might not realize it , he’s changed the longer term for him, his family and one very lucky daughter .




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