Heartbreaking Moment -Mom Dog Bids Pup Farewell After It Was Adopted

The mother dog had a last minute with her puppy, saying goodbye to her puppy who was adopted in China…

It’s so amazing to see people adopting animals like dogs or cats or some other quite animal!

But there can also be sad and emotional scenes like the separation of a puppy from its mother, although it will be for an honest reason; to own a caring family with better conditions…

This was one of those scenes, in which the mother had the last moment together with her puppy, saying goodbye to her puppy who was adopted in China.

The mother was cared for by some students from Zhengzhou University, where she gave birth to her seven puppies in September.

A mixed breed puppy is thought to give one last kiss to his baby as he licks the puppy on the face and says goodbye to him, as the puppy has found a forever home in new family in China.

It was a heartbreaking scene….

A mother of love is shown in a video taken as she says goodbye to her baby…

When the new owner took the puppy and started riding, the mother was seen following behind, with her tail down and her ears hanging down showing how sad and depressed the mother was!!!

She truly showed the instincts of a mother like a human!

She prayed for another moment with her puppy… Then the owner put the puppy down and let the mother kiss and lick him for another time, which was the last.

On the opposite hand, the owner is heard telling the mother that he’s gonna lookout excellent of her baby so she doesn’t need to worry about the pup.

However, then the mother looks back at her puppy for the last time and turns sadly…

The scene in the video is so touching and poignant.

Beside this, tons of individuals had been wondering why they might not are adopted together, but because it seems someone had to pan from the mother…

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