Young Boy Took Photo Of Beaten Pregnant Dog, Pleaded For Help But No One Showed.

On a rainy day a young boy was walking down the street when he suddenly saw something that immediately worried him. It was a pregnant powerless dog laying on the other side of the road. He stressed and didn’t know what to do so he came up with the idea of taking a picture of the dog and posting it on social media. Seeking for help for an adult to return and help him. Unfortunately nobody appeared.

After some time a rescue group showed up after seeing the picture! Saddly they weren’t able to find the dog. They kept searcing for the dog three days straight.

At the end the dog was seen walking down the street. She has a rectal prolapse, it looked like she had born but sadly lost all of her puppies…

The skinny and tortured mama was lost and had nowhere to go. Finnaly things seemed to change, the put out a plate of food hoping that she was hungry enough to come close. She was hungry but also very scared to approach.

Realising that the dog was terrified, the rescuers decide to back off and wait for her to come closer to tha plate. As soon as that happened they grabbed her very gently by her hind limb and wrapped her with a blanket .

It’s so sad seeing helpless creatures abandoned… the poor dog had been through many bad stuff.

The rescuers brought her to a vet and did anything so the dog would be taken care with the best way possible. She was severely dehydrated and malnourished.

They gave her the name Lisa, exceptionally Lisa quickly learned the way to walk on a leash! Once Lisa is fully stable, she is going to undergo surgery then hopefully find her new home. to ascertain the incredible rescue, inspect Lisa’s story below.

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