Meet Honey Bee, The Rescued Blind Cat Who Loves To Go Hiking With Her Humans

Honey Bee lives in the Caribbean and was adopted when she was a kitten from Animals Fiji. Her new home is now near 2 humans and four cats! Honey Bee’s favourite thing to do is to go hiking.

Little adventurous Honey Bee loves to be on her owner shoulder and go hiking, maybe she can’t see but she surely can smell the fresh and listen to the running waters.

Regardless of the fact that she is blind, nothing can stop her from doing what she likes. And maybe she has lost her eyesight but she was unusual sense of edges and drop-offs that help her to protect herself from falling.

Unfortunately little Honey Bee passed away last night due to a serious illness. But in those seven and half years of her life she did plenty of stuff that made her happy thanks to her owners.

Her owners were heartbroken but they will always remember her will to life. These are some of the words they wrote on their Facebook page: “Goodbye, brave little Honey Bee. Her body just couldn’t make it any longer, and she passed away last night. Honey Bee was the embodiment of “living your best life,” and never missed a chance to have fun, explore new places, and meet new people. Honey Bee had a big life full of adventures and love, and everywhere she went, she spread joy – whether to her friends online or to people who she met on walks and hikes”

The video below shows some of Honey Bee’s moments

Rest in peace sweet Honey Bee! <3




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