Woman Watches Her Neighbors Abandon Their Senior Cat And Decides To Save Him

Maria withnessed something very devasteting when her neighboors abandon their cat while moving out. Maria expected that they would maybe ask her if she could take her of him because they didn’t want him anymore but sadly that never happened.

No matter of the weather conditions the poor cat was waiting day and night for her owners to show up. Every time he would listen a car he would raise up his head. He was in agony without food or water.

Soon Maria realised that she had to do something to help the eardly cat but didn’t know the right way, because every time she would come close to her he would run away. So she came up with the idea to let him a small meal every time till she slowly gains his trust. Maria wanted very much to see him joyful again and give him the love he deserved.

When he started trusting her she took him to the vet and could pick him up after four days. Greatfully he was powerful again and ready to go to his new home. She gave him the name Rolo because of his adorable eyes.

Rolo would still watch outside sometime to see for his previous owners but now thanks to Maria he is happier than ever. Regardless of his old age he is still very playful and energetic! He really likes to roll in the dirt and play with his toys. Rolo is allowed to go outside if it’s not too cold, windy or too hot. He has his own room and can come and go whenever he wish to.

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