8 Tiny Puppies Scream From Inside Narrow Hole, 9th Puppy Falls Deeper Into Hole

In a 18 feet deep hole nine puppies were hidden after being scared but when a human hand approached they started screaming for help! One of the best Hope For Paw’s animal rescuer and activist Lisa M. Ashe sadly passed away after fighting with cancer. In the funeral her fellow colleges/rescuers recieved a call about a few litter puppies being stucked in a threatening cave.

After the funeral was over the rescuers rushed to the place to help the puppies. When they arrived they noticed that it had been a narrow hole beneath a rocky landmass that could colapse at any moment.

Eldad Hagar, one of the rescuers bodly went inside the 18 feet deep cave to succed the frightened puppies. He managed to pull the puppies out one by one but unexpectedly the smallest puppy went missing.

Eldad without a second thought took a shovel and began digging to open another hole in the cave. Finally he found the petrified puppy and completely buried himself within the soil to catch him and pull him out.

Thank to this brave rescuer all the puppies were safely out of the cave! The mama dog was at the time nowhere to be found but thankfully later she was also rescued.

To honor the memory of the amazing activist Lisa M. Ashe the rescuers named the puppies using each letter from Lisa’s full name! Rest in peace Lisa.

In the video below you can see the amazing rescue of the nine puppies




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