Cops Rescue 500 Puppies From A Puppy Mill, One Year Later, They Reunite

Humans are from nature born to do good stuff and bad stuff as well. One of the worse things thats exists in the category of animals are Puppy mills. They keep dogs in inhumane conditions, often forcing them to possess litters 2 to three times a year. That is something that totally destroys dog’s mental and physical health.

Cherokee County Animal Shelter and Cherokee County Marshal’s Office raides a puppy mill that keeps over 500 dogs in terrible conditions in Georgia since the 1980s. In Juliy 2014 an admiring operation was made by dog trainer Victoria Stilwell to bust down this horrible puppy mill.

526 dogs in total were rescued . The dogs were in an awful condition, living in unclean cages, some in their own filth. You have to bee very cruel to do something like that to those creatures. The rescuers were heartbroken seeing these dogs being captivated and very unhuppy. Many female dogs were pregnant which means that after they gave birth the number increased.

After a while a miracle happened! When the rumor about the operation spread many people were touched by it and wanted to adopt some of the puppies. As for those who were running the puppy mills they pleaded guilty to 25 charges of animal cruelty and were sentenced to 25 consecutive years of probation. Let’s all together say no to puppy mills!

In the video below you can watch the amazing story.

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