After her dog has been discriminated for his appearance, woman shows his beauty and viralizes

Unfortunately labeling theory is not only applicable on people but animals also. Labeling theory holds that deviance is not inherent in act, but instead focuses on the tendecy of majorities to negatively label minorities or those seen as deviant from “standart norms/looks”.

Alan the lovely one year cross between saluki and boxer was born with a abnormal facial appearance. Many people called him “ugly” even though he was born this way and is not to blame for. He has a genetic peculiarity that creates his nose twist and lean to the proper when he closes his snout.

Johana Handley a 41 years old English woman rescued little Alan when she found him in Doha,Qater abandoned. Johana’s words were: “Who criticizes different dogs can say what he wants, but Alan is our dog and that we know he’s beautiful and really special”

Johanna was tired of hearing people calling her precious dog ugly, so then she open a Facebook page to counteract the negative opinions people spokeabout Alan. She posted the dog’s pictures and used the username “Alan,the ugly dog” . Surprisingly the result was amazing. Even thought Johana recieved many bad messages saying that they would donate money so behalf of her to posses surgery and fix his face but Johana’s response was “no way”. He now has 141K followers supporting him.

Johana wants to send people a message, to stop judging animals and other creatures because at the very end we are all god’s creation and he has not made a mistake. Little Alan is a normal dag just like all the others and he just needs love, nothing more. She even asked a vet if it would be necessary for him to have a surgery because she was worried for his possible respiratory problems but the vet said that they might need to brake his jaw readjust his nose and jaw. This would cause alone unberable pain for something purely cosmetic. Little Alan is perfectly healthy and doesn’t need to go through this.

Johanna is very proud for rescuing him and feels bleesed to have him as a member in the family.




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