Friendly Manatee Helps Keep Dog Safe While He Waits to Be Rescued

Not long a go a dog left his yard and took a tumble into a close-by river. Things would have been a lot worse for the poor pit bull if the  friendly marine animal would’t try to keep the dog calm and safe till somebody come to rescue him.

A lady heard some noises coming from from the river which is located behind her house and decided to call the  local department in Tampa, Florida. Officer Lopez went immediately to see what was going on and when he arrived there he saw something very amazing happening.

He saw a dog struggling to swim in the middle of the river and below him a  a manatee, floating on the brink of the surface and hovering protectively near the dog.

“They’re curious naturally , so I’m sure the sound of the dog splashing within the water trying to urge up the ocean wall got his attention and he came to visit to research , maybe calm the dog and tell him it had been getting to be alright,” says Officer Lopez. The Officer then took a ladder and some treats and went to take the poor pit bull out of the river. Once he and the dog were out, the manatee started swimming away as he realised that he achieved the thing he needed to do.

It seemed that the owner was searching for his 8 month old pit bull since the night before, but unfortunately couldn’t find him untill he listened some people talking about the scene in the river.

At the very end we don’t real know the real purpose of the minatee but we assume that he was friendly enough to help the scared dog and keep him safe.

In the video below are all the information about this amazing rescue! Check it out

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