Abused Pit Bull Thrown from Moving Car Rescued Just in Time

When a rescue team saved Penny, a Hell Bull they had know idea that they are actually saving two lives.

 Berclair Animal Hospital  rescued Penny after she was thrown out of a moving car. She was emaciated, injured and affected by congestive coronary failure as results of heartworms. She also has some severe ijuries, wounds and cuts on her face, which probably are caused from dog fighting.

Penny was doing very well during her treatment plans but something unexpected happened. Penny gave birth to a lovely puppy which later was named  Nickel. It was a miracle that Nickel was extremely healthy, even though Penny has undergone meny traumas and medication. Donna Velez, founding father of Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue in Memphis, Tennessee was the vet who treated Penny. A family was soon found that wanted to adopt Penny and her newborn. Her know owner Jennifer was very ecxited for her new family members.

Jeniffer wrote on her Facebook page: “She’s only been with us 10 days and she or he features a great distance to travel , but she may be a good dog despite all of her antics, she just isn’t wont to this lifestyle because she was mistreated for therefore long,” wrote Jennifer on her Facebook page. “She has already come an extended way since we got her.”

On December 9, 2013 Jeniffer anounced the sad news. Penny has gave up the ghost from congestive coronary failure . Jennifer commented, “I had to let her go last night, her heartworms were so bad that she had advanced congestive coronary failure and her heart was quite 3x the dimensions of a traditional heart. She went peacefully in my arms. Nickel will stick with us in fact .” Nickels is now now 10-weeks old and Jeniffer does anything she can so little Nickels gets over this with the best way possible.

RIP brave Penny!

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