Boater finds 7 abandoned puppies crying from starvation on deserted island

 Junior Cook  was exploring the waters together with his boat near Cross Keys, Manitoba, Canada, when he suddenly saw a neighborhood of a rescue involving a litter of puppies.

Cook and his friends heard some weird noises coming from an uninhabited island. As he knew that that place was abandoned he didn’t make it a big deal. However he kept on wondering what these noises may’ve been. He then decided to go and check what was going on.

He was very surprised when he saw seven puppies stuck on the island!

It was clear to see that the poor puppies were desperate. Junior contacted Norway House Animal Rescue, an area animal organization. They told him that this wasn’t their first time experience saving homeless dogs and cats out of rather peculiar situations. They actually admitted that rescues like this one happen daily within the city. NHAR wrote on Facebook : “This isn’t an isolated case and happens daily in Manitoba and every one over the planet ,” 

Junior’s move to go and see if someone was in danger was an amazing thing. Deb Vandekerkhove who is the director of the organization said to CBC: “He and his friend were out and it had been night time already, and that they heard some noises on the island. They took their binoculars and that they couldn’t see anything but some dark shadows, and that they heard a bunch of crying. They thought originally it had been wolves,”

The rescuers decided to deliver daily food packages so they make sure all seven pups were okay before getting them off the island. Sadly the puppies were extremely malnourished. The first day that the rescuers brought food the puppies ate a whole large bag of petfood in one go. Junior was there at the right time, if he would’t save them it was clear that the poor dogs would’ve starved to death.

The four boys, three girls, were finally saved but still need sometime to recover. As soon as they get healthy they will be ready for adoption.

Thanks to Junior Cook seven lifes were saved. Hopefully there are many other people outside that would do the same thing. Don’t turn your back, be brave enough to follow your instict because maybe someone really needs you that moment.




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