Woman Saved a Stray Dog 17 Years Ago, and Now She Has to Say Goodbye to Him

Not everyone would pick up an abandoned dog from the side of the road and bring it home, yet there are some people in this world that they would love to rescue or adopt a stray dog. This act literally means that you are saving a life. All those kind hearted people deserve our admiration.

Jesusita is one among these good Samaritans. Seventeen years ago a stray dog appeared at her doorstep, she knew straight away that she had to take care of that dog. She named him Solovino which means “he came alone” in her language, Spanish.

Since then Solovino und Jesusista have been best friends. All those years Solovino has never left her side. He was her loyal companion in her bad and good moments. Years passed by and Solovino was getting old. Now every step he makes is painfull for him. Jesusita knows that it’s time to say goodbye to her beloved Solovino.

Since Jesusita isn’t strong economically she asked for help from Kerry Armstrong,the founding father of Home Dog LA. She needed help to humanely put down her 17-year-old dog. Sandra Shadic, a member of Home Dog LA, visited Jesusita’s home to assist transport Solovino. However Jesusista wanted to eat her last burger with her faithful friend. The both of them enjoyed their last meal together.

After that Solovino was taken to a clinic and put to sleep. Solovino lived a cheerful and loved lifetime of 17 years with Jesusita, which was all that matters.

Rest In Peace furry angel..

Sare this in the memory of Solovino!




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