Mama Dog and Her Puppies Left Tied Up in a Sack Rescued from the Middle of Nowhere

A cruelty was done to a mama dog and her puppies when someone tied them inside a sack and left them in the middle of a road. Thankfully a Samaritan  stumbled across them and now they are safe.

The good Samaritan called Josiane Almeida, a rescuer from Lagoa da Prata, Brazil and explained her the situation. She and her husband then rushed to the place. Despite the fact that Josiane had seen many bad cases of abandoned dogs, this one shocked her as she couldn’t understand why would someone tie those poor animals up inside a sack.

As Josiane approached the dog, the mama let loose a coffee growl, little question frightened by her predicament. One puppy appears to possess wiggled freed from the sack and stood by her side. But three other puppies were trapped inside the sack with their mother.

Soon they woud be free!

Josiane brought the dogs home, knowing that they were weak and hungry, she gave them food & water , let them rest a bit before taking them to the vet so she could make sure that they were all healthy. She noticed that the mama wasn’t very well. The vet told her that all the puppies were perfectly healthy but the mama dog had a malignant growth – cancer.

Josiane immediately tried to seek for help on social media so people will fund for mama to undergo her  chemotherapy. Blessedly the mama dog is now on her treatment and is fostered by Josiane. As soon as teh puppies are ready they will be put up for adoption.

Josiane seems to be very greatful and happy for saving these lifes. On her social media she wrote :
“Before, this family was smothered during a sack tossed bent die, but as God is sweet , we managed to urge them out of suffering! They live well with me today!” Josiane Almeida wrote. “Thank you God for giving me this chance .”

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