The irresistible puppy became a viral hit: He made many laugh with his reaction when he got only two biscuits in his bowl!

Instead of half a cup of the food he normally gets, this Pomeranian only got two biscuits in a bowl.

The hungry Pomeranian became a viral hit with his very dissatisfied protest after his owner tried to put him on a diet!

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Janeiza from Thailand shared a video on  Tik Tok in which she showed how her dog reacted to receiving only two dog biscuits and soon became a hit on social networks with almost 20 million views, reports the Daily Mail.

In the short video, Janeiza gives her dog only two biscuits in his bowl and waits for his reaction. At first he didn’t realize he was being teased. When he saw the small amount of food Janeiza had put in his bowl, he looked back at her and stood still, waiting for more. However, when the extra food did not come, the puppy slapped his paws on the bowl, throwing it in the air, and growled angrily.

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Check out his hilarious reaction below!


Mom : I think you need to diet?Pao : I don't agree!!!😡 ##ios14 ##paomonomiu ##สุดปัง ##กล่องข้าวน้อยจ้าแม่ ##pomeranian ##ฉันเหมือนใคร ##คำถามคว้ามง

♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – 🐶Janeiza🤍

Many were delighted with the personality and character that this little puppy showed to its owner.

Some also said they couldn’t stop laughing at how quickly the Pomeranian was filled with rage.

¨In just a few seconds, his gaze filled with hatred. It really has a strong character¨

‘I’ve never seen so much attitude’ 

‘I’m dying I can’t breathe’ – these are just three of the many comments!

People liked the video, which was shared on Tik Tok and quickly went viral, after gathering 19.5 million viewers!


Check out many more videos of this adorable dog at the link below!

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