Woman Strives To Retrieve Harmed Dog From Sewer But His Broken Body’s Stuck

Sadly many people abandon their pets. The fate of these abandoned animals is almost always tragic. Especially in young ages, still nursing, if they don’t get rescued in a few hours they will likely die.

A poor dog was struggling inside a sewer pipe for days. Thankfully a rescue team was on its way to save the pup.

Little Paco was left in agony inside a  sewer pipe crammed with sludge, bugs, and filthy water.  They sludge was very sticky and thick, which made it very hard for him to move.

A guy named Roberto passed by with his bike and spotted Paco. He then quickly called a locak rescue animal and reported what he saw. The rescue team rushed to save the helpless dog. It was’t very easy to get Paco outside but a woman from the team did her best to drag his body out without hurting him.

After that, they took Paco at the vet. The devastated dog was shaking. He was very cold, dehydrated and hadn’t eaten for days. But finally he was in good hands.

It had not been easy for the vet to examine Paco because he was covered in slug and worms, they then decided to give him a bath with warm water. Paco wasn’t thrilled about it, however he was brave enough to stay calm and understand that those people are helping him.

After doing some X-rays it was shown that he had a spinal fracture. Everyone on the team came to the conclusion that this might be the reason why he was abandoned. Little Paco struggled a lot even after IV fluids and pain medication.

Paco’s health was very critical. A volunteer brought a matress and wanted to stay by his side and give him much love and hugs. Sadly Paco was getting worse, the doctors were afraid that he wouldn’t make it. And this is what happened… after two weeks of fighting his organs pack up one by one. The sad thing is that if Roberto wouldn’t notice him, Paco would have die alone and tha last thing what he would see around him is just a dark pipe and him covered in dirt.

The vet, the volunteers and all of the stuff were heartbroken with Paco’s death.. They did everything they could for the little angel. The good part of the story is that he spented his last days feeling love and wasn’t alone.

R.I.P Paco!

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