Texas Family Spends 12 Hours In Car So Dog Can Give Birth In The Warmth !

They knew they had to protect her from the snowstorm…

Magnolia was found wandering the streets of Fredericksburg, Texas, lonely and pregnant.

She was picked up by a local animal control, but since she was a future mother, she was picked up by the SPCA from the Capac Valley who quickly found her a huge family.

From the instant Maggie joined her family , they might tell she was a fantastic dog, whose motherly instincts were already kicking in with the family’s two young kids…

Aubrey Morgan, Maggie’s foster mother, was nervous because she had never adopted a pregnant dog before.

She did a lot of research to make sure she could help Maggie when the puppies arrive.

“I had read numerous resources, watched numerous whelping YouTube videos, and picked up many dollars worth of whelping and emergency supplies to possess available ,” Morgan told The Dodo. “One thing I had read was the importance of puppies staying warm after being born. If they aren’t warm, they can’t digest food and can start fading.”

As Maggie got closer to giving birth, her family was nervous but ready – then they lost strength during the winter storm that recently hit Texas.

Of course, as soon as they lost power, Maggie started showing signs that the puppies would be there soon. Her family hoped to return by the time the puppies started arriving , but when the primary puppy received 12:30 a.m. on Feb. 16, there was still no electricity, so the house definitely cooled down.

“Our house was in the 50s and it was falling (it was 1 degree outside outside),” Morgan said. “We moved her to the guest bathroom where we took a steam shower and heated the space, and my husband put boiling water in bags to also try to keep the space warm.”

As each puppy was born, the couple tried to keep them as warm as possible, but it was too cold in the house and they knew they had to try to do something to keep the new little family safe…

“After the fourth puppy was born, we realized, despite our best efforts, the puppies were still cold,” Morgan said. “That’s when my husband started preparing the car for Maggie, and thus for the puppies. Maggie had the last three puppies in the car. We first got them in the car around 2am and stayed there around 12pm. “

When the family brought in Maggie, they promised to support and care for her while she had puppies. Even through these circumstances, they did absolutely everything they could to fulfill that promise.

While supervising the small family in the car, the couple also did everything they could and found a generator that again heated at least part of their house.

Eventually they found one and moved everything back to the house. After a short time, the rest of the house was too cold for the couple’s own children, and then they concluded that it was easiest to leave until the facility returned to normal.

“We didn’t want to drive since roads were dangerous but eventually decided it had been our greatest option,” Morgan said. “So we moved our family of 4 , our three dogs, mama and her seven puppies 45 minutes to my parents house (who had electricity) and stayed there until Friday!” 

Eventually the facility returned to normal and everyone was ready to return home, including Maggie and her new puppies. The cute dog was immediately a fantastic mom for her seven babies, named Daisy, Poppy, Ash, Rosie, Dahlia, Clover and Aster. Despite the chaotic onset, the puppies are doing extremely well, growing and developing exactly as they should be.

“Maggie is so gentle,” Morgan said. “She’s extremely nurturing, not only to her puppies, but also to my 2 year old and 9 month old … It’s been amazing watching her become a mom. She’s a complete natural together with her puppies.” 

Maggie and her puppies will be available for adoption through the Capita-Hill Hill Country SPCA in April.

Until then, the family will keep them safe – which I hope should be fairly easy from now on after dealing with the snow and power outages. Regardless, they are so happy to own Maggie under their care and can’t wait to see how she and her puppies grow into themselves.

“She’s a really amazing dog … we’re going to miss her when she finds her home forever,” Morgan said.

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