Man Who Survived Deadly Explosion Reunites With Dog After 4 Months In A Coma

Back in October things got a tragic turn in Baltimore, when houses were destroyed and several people died during the explosion. Among those people was a man with his dog, Barak, who was lucky enough to escape death.

The unindentified man was rushed to the local hospital as he suffered several burns on his body. Despite the pain the man was going through he couldn’t escape thinking about his beloved, Barak. He begged the nurses to try find and save him.

He kept on asking the nurse and the stuff to find Barak and return him. The dog was brought to BARCS Animal Shelter, which knew that his owner was in a critical condition at the hospital and would have to stay there for at least one month. The BARCS Animal Shelter saves an average of 30 dogs each day – or 10,000 every year.With that many little lives to save, dogs are quickly adopted to loving families. However, because of COVID-19, BARCS made some changes to their foster program, which turned out to be excellent for sweet Barak.

“A few days after Barak arrived at our shelter, we learned that his dad’s expected time in the hospital was at least a month. Up until recently, guaranteeing a month-long hold or longer—even for an emergency—wasn’t always easy or even possible. BARCS is an open admission shelter and the looming threat of running out of kennel space has always plagued our organization,” BARCS wrote on their Facebook page.

“However, the COVID pandemic brought a huge expansion of our foster program, opening ample space in our shelter to help more pet owners in crisis. Even though Barak’s return date to his dad was unknown, we made the pledge to care for him for as long as needed. Barak wasn’t a candidate for foster, but at the shelter, he had a daily plan of long walks, playgroup romps, in-kennel enrichment, training sessions, and cuddle time thanks to our dedicated volunteers and staff.”

Unfortunately Barak’s owner was on a medically-induced coma for the rest four months, doctors and stuff were doing their best to save he injured man’s life. Suddenly a miracle happened, the man woke from the coma and he started quickly recovering. He was now ready to reunite with his furry best friend.

After all Barak and his precious owner met again, it was clear to see how much they had missed each other. It was a very intense moment for both! They shared some hugs and were ready, after all the adventures they went through, to go home together. We wish them both the best and hope that they won’t have to fight with anything bad again.

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