Nobody Wanted Frightened Pup With Abusive Past, So He Stopped Wagging His Tail

Recyntly in Oakwood Dog Rescue, a Collie mix named Percy was brought in the shelter. Little Percy was extremely traumatised as he possibly had experienced a very abusive situation during the primary year of his life.

Every time a person from the rescue stuff would try to approach Percy, he would immediately start shaking and look away. He wouldn’t even eat or drink anything and resign to a corner in an effort to cover himself. For straight two weeks it would be impossible for the team to help Percy, only in the thought of them coming near him, he would think that they will abuse or hit him. The poor pup was terrified. I can’t imagine how hurted he was. Percy never stepped out of his kennel.

Slowly the stuff noticed that Percy started being close to the other shelter dogs, yet he was still over defensive with humans. Seeing his non-existent adoption prospects, the shelter pleaded with the general public in hopes of finding a patient forever home for him. A dog training group called Quality Canines also offered free training to the family that gave him an opportunity . After 7 weeks of intense struggle, a lady named Maggie took Percy home and she was surprised watching Percy find solace together with her other dog. Maggie tried to harmonize the atmosphare, so he could feel comfartable around the house. After some time Percy’s little doggie sister helped him a lot to deal with his issues. It was the right time for Maggie to officialy adopt Percy and with no hesitation the next step happened!

Over subsequent few days, Percy wholeheartedly embraced Maggie’s love and something magical happened – he wagged his tail for the primary time! For a soul so broken and tattered, this was indeed a grand victory. We thank all those good people that combined their efforts to assist Percy get a good chance to heal his traumas! We wish him an excellent life ahead!

Watch the video below and see how brave Percy managed to deal with his fears and fine happiness again:

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