Dog Looks After Injured Friend Hit By Car All Night Until Help Finally Arrives

A very touching video was taken from some locals, showing a dog taking care of another injured dog. The loyal pup refused to leave his friend’s side.

The stray dog was hit by a car and was struck on a highway within the center of the Brazilian municipality of Iguatu on the afternoon of 14th February. In footage that has gone viral online, another dog was filmed lying by the injured pooch’s side. He remained there the entire night until an area NGO came to its rescue!

We were unable to travel to the situation on Sunday afternoon because we had no available vets, but on Monday morning we received news that both of them were within the same place,” nurse Marina Assuncao said.

She added: “It stayed on the brink of the injured dog the entire time, it licked it and ran its paws over its body as if it were trying to revive it.

“When we put the injured pooch within the car, the opposite one had already jumped on the seat and stayed with its pal right up to the instant it received treatment within the clinic.” Marina said she was stunned by the “companionship” shown by the dog to its injured counterpart.

“We aren’t sure if they’re siblings,” she added. “They must be an equivalent age, between nine months and one year old, but we were taken by the companionship displayed by the opposite dog towards the injured one the entire time, from the instant of the accident to the arrival at the clinic and now at their temporary home.”

The NGO, Adota Iguatu (Adopt Iguatu) is trying to boost funds online so the poor dog’s treatments can continue.

Faithfully when they are going to be ready the pair will be up for adoption, we hope for the best!




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