Relieved Homeless Puppy Clings To His Rescuer When He Knows He’s Finally Safe !

“I honestly believe it was a great relief. It was almost as if he knew someone would help him. He didn’t move – he just hugged me and fell asleep. He knew he was safe. “

Some people are angels disguised as people because what they do for those who need help restores our faith in humanity and gives us hope that things will eventually recover…

Tamara Johnson, founder of Thai Street Paws Rescue is one of them.

This beautiful lady is an animal advocate and makes sure that every stray dog she she stumbles upon gets their happy ending.

This time she shares the story of a two-month-old puppy she later named Basil, who was found wandering the streets. The cute baby had a bloated belly and was all confused.

Locals told Tamari that the puppy’s mother was nowhere to be seen, and his sister was hit by a car and died.

His health condition was quite worrying and Tamara could not simply leave him there because he was very likely suffering from the loss of his sister. He was too small and too fragile to be ready to defend himself.

Without thinking, Tamara hugged the puppy and they headed for her vehicle. Then the sweetest thing happened. Basil clung to his savior and his action melted our hearts.

“I honestly believe it had been an enormous relief for him,” Johnston told The Dodo. “It was almost like he knew someone was getting to help him. He didn’t move — he just snuggled into my arms and fell asleep. He knew he was safe.”

Basil got the so much-needed medical assistance and is popping into one healthy and happy dog.

Hopefully, Tamara would be ready to find a forever home for him, and until that happens, he will stay with her.

Watch the video below for more information!

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