Puppy Meets The Man Who Saved Him From A Ditch With His Mouth Taped Shut !

Bob didn’t think the puppy would even remember him, but he did…

A small dog along with a glued muzzle was lying in a ditch near the bridge, and a person named Bob found him and immediately headed to Griffith Animal Hospital , Indiana. When the black tape was removed, it revealed raw skin underneath, which meant she had to be present there for at least a few days.

Source: Griffith Animal Hospital

The vet examined the little puppy for other injuries and fed him. The poor dog has been through so much in the last few days, and maybe longer than that.

No one knows who is responsible for dog abuse, but some theorize that a puppy could be used as a dog bait and then discarded.

The Griffith Animal Hospital wrote on Facebook: “We try our absolute best to assist every creature that comes our way and that we need to acknowledge that somebody in our area is that mean, hateful to try to to something like this to an innocent pup.”

Source: Griffith Animal Hospital

After treatment, Louie continued to fully recover. He found a forever loving home with foster mother Mary Connors Witting who ten years to the date walked out of this very hospital after having to possess her beloved family dog put down. But now, a replacement one! 🙂

Source: Griffith Animal Hospital

Louis now lives a new life filled with love, cuddling and treats! He now knows what it means to be a true dog and can finally live the life he has always deserved.

Source: Griffith Animal Hospital

Louie even met his savior!

Mary brought the dog back to the hospital to ascertain Bob, and therefore the pup thanked him with many kisses…

Bob didn’t even think the dog would remember him, so it had been one emotional reunion!

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