Woman Opens A Hospice So Abandoned Dogs Can Spend Their Last Days !

Photo credit: The Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice Project

While this is sad to understand, our canine friends are just visitors in our lives,  albeit we are their whole life to them. So the least we will do during the last moments of our pets ’lives is to be with them and let them know they were supposed to be part of the family.

But saying goodbye to your dog may be a heartbreaking experience and not everyone can stand it. This is one of the reasons why older or terminally ill dogs are abandoned. However, as a glimmer of hope, this woman ensures that these abandoned dogs spend their last days living life to the fullest…

This woman ensures that these abandoned dogs spend their last days living life to the fullest…

Nicola Coyle (not pictured) may be a retired nurse who has created Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice to worry for abandoned, elderly or terminally ill dogs. She runs it from her range in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

Nicola takes the dogs to the McDonalds self-service restaurant and rarely to the pub for a steak dinner.

“We only accept them if the vet says they need but 6 months to measure , so we specialize in the ultimate care,” Nicola explained in an interview with Metro. “I think the longest they’ve been with us was a few year, and therefore the shortest was about fortnight .”

“We don’t know when their birthday is, but let’s celebrate for everyone. If they feel tolerably , we will take them to the beach for a day and eat fish and chips and a frozen dessert. “

She uses her own money and everything people give her. If you want to help,  you’ll make a donation to Grey Muzzle Dog Hospice through Paypal here.

“We all find yourself very on the brink of them, it’s something emotionally intense and in fact we mourn them and that we are in mourning. we’d like an opportunity from dog to dog.”

Just because a dog’s destiny is set doesn’t mean  it’s to be abandoned… On the contrary: his last days of life should be as special as possible. And because of people like Nicole, these dogs can spend their last days feeling important and loved before they leave.




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