Everyone thought the dog looked like a “monster”, but she just wanted to be loved

A woman named Charlotte was wandering around on the streets of Bali when she suddenly spotted a sick stray dog. The poor pup was in horrific shape and was totally terrified. Living a lifetime of hardship and deprivation had clearly taken a toll on the young pooch, as most of her fur had fallen off to reveal her sore, reddened skin underneath. However, it had been her affectionate nature that caught Charlotte off guard.

Regardless of the pup’s skin disease and the pain she was on. She was so friendliy with everyone and she would always wag her tail whenever someone approached her.Charlotte could see that Delilah’s painful skin condition was worsening every day , so she decided to rescue her from the wretched streets.

The worried woman then reached bent an area vendor and learned about the shabby spot where the pup spent her nights . Because of the combined efforts of the many animal lovers, she was finally rescued with the assistance of a trap.

Her healing journey was never meant to be a cakewalk, more so due to her progressed illness. After being taken care of and much mediacation she started recovering. Were beautiful fur has started growing up and she looks absolutely stunning. However that’s not the best part. Amelia, a young woman decided to adopt her and give her the forever home she deserves. The pup is now happier than ever!

Her story is very inspiring, even though her condition and the bad shape she was in, the little pup never gave up hope!

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