Stray Dog Who Was Afraid of Everything Chooses Woman ToBe His Mom

Silvana Loner shared the adoption story of the small dog Chiclete. The story of abandonment and subsequent reception of the animal quickly became viral on social networks. Thus receiving quite four thousand reactions and comments during a few days.

Silvana was neighbors with the dog’s owner. Shortly ago his owner abandoned the poor dog as they didn’t want him anymore, they dumped him on the streets.

From one day to another the poor pooch was homeless. He was starved and exposed to sun and rain he also hadn’t bath for long time which caused him to be infested with ticks, which began to debilitate his health.

“We gave water and food, but he still had love for his old home. Unfortunately, it had been very destroyed”. Silvana says.

One night they informed the lady that Chiclete had fainted on the road . “I couldn’t take it anymore… I went there and carried him inside,” she reported.

The day after the pup was taken to the vet, where he was prescribed medication to prevent tick infestation. They bathed him and a few days after the treatment began the pup is better than ever with his new loving home.

“I promised i might lookout , love […] he’s sweet…. I still have a cat and a dog, but most are loving his presence!”. Silvana concluded.

Silvana got dozen of supportive messages and comments on her posts from people who found her decision admiring!

“Poor thing, how you’ve got bad (un)humans, but thank God, you furthermore may have noble souls like you! you’ll be immensely happy, he’s beautiful!!!”. Said one user.

“Congratulations for the attitude, you’re a really human person”, said another one.

“Congratulations! There’s no point in firula with abandoned animals. you only need to take action with you did”, an online user commented.

“What an incredible person that you simply are girl, tons of sunshine , and happiness in your path and in your pets. he’s beautiful… an angel… how to not love! I’m glad there are real humans such as you . May God bless you infinitely for caring for and loving this angel!”, another said.




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