Homeless Sick Man Refuses To Trade His Dog For Housing From Shelters

Luis Pereira didn’t have the best childhood. He was born in Sintra, Portugal, at the age of four his parents abandoned him. Despite that he was later adopted, the experience of living on the road had led him down a really dark path. Unfortunately Luis became an addict therefore his adoptive mother decided to throw him out on the road again.

Before two years Luis met Kika, his beloved dog. Kika has brought much happiness in Luis’s life but also some difficulties. Although he has received invitations from various shelters and organizations, but of these proposals have a standard condition, having to abandon Kika, and for Luis that’s not an option.

The man knows how it feels do be abandoned from people you love and he isn’t willing to let Kika go through the same thing. During the pandemic, in winter, they survived the heavy rains under a tent, Luis had refused to travel to a shelter because they didn’t accept dogs for sanitary reasons.

Luis assures that because of Kika he has managed to vary as an individual , she is his responsibility and he cannot allow himself to be thereunder dark world because he must lookout of her and protect her.

“Kika was born on April 29, 2019. She isn’t even two years old. I visited search for her during a kennel in Porto when she lived there on the road . i used to be using at the time and decided to finish this addiction. I don’t skills to precise my love for Kika, she saved my life,” said Luis.

The man suffers from a significant respiratory condition, which puts pressure on him to find something as soon as possible because he won’t be able to continue on the road. Even though his has this condition he is not going to give up Kika. Luis is trying to find help, it doesn’t matter what the help is or where it comes from. He is ready to work or even move to another country as long as he has his furry friend with him.

Luis commitment to Kika is amazing! we wish them both the best and hope that soon they will have a warm place to live!




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