Owner Discards Disabled Dog In Landfill & Proves Human Brutality Is Limitless

A pooch with a disabilty was left by his owner in a landfill within the pouring rain. Apperantly his owner had enough of taking care of the pup and decided to abandon her. She is not able to move her two back legs, noone knows what exactly happened but thankfully some kind hearted samaritans reacted immediately when they spoted the abandoned pup.

The dog was struggling to eat and drink. She was dehydrated and famished but couldn’t do much for herself. Tt had been time to urge her the assistance she desperately needed and deserved. A woman named Sonia took the dog to a local vet and also named her Athens. The vet was stunned by the dog’s condition. She was covered in wounds and really sick from not getting adequate nutrition or medical aid .

Sonia didn’t mind that Athens needed treatments. She layed next to her and hand fed her, she was willing to stay by her side as long as it takes for Athens to recover.

The vet suggested  physiotherapy to strengthen her spine and legs. During her sessions, Athens needs often to rest but that wasn’t a problem because she was doing great. In the day time she would stay at the clinic and at night time Sonia would take her home with her.

Athens is still recovering but she had progressed very well. She was even able to take some steps by her own. This was a very heartwarming moment for everyone in the room, the stuff, the vet and Sonia clapped for Athen’s achievement.

To see her incredible story and uplifting ending, check out the video below. And please remember to always support local rescues, shelters, and fosters!




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