Dog gets depressed after family leaves him for being old

 A senior Shetland Shepard-Dachshund mix named Barkley was found wandering haplessly by a trailer camp in Owensboro, Kentucky. He was delivered to the Daviess County Animal Shelter, where the workers immediately knew he was getting to be one tough case. Barkley showed tell-tale signs of heavy depression, and there was no way he was getting to engage with any human.

Little Barkley had problems adapting in the shelter. He chose stay in a corner face the wall and not eat. Also everytime someone from the stuff would approach him he would shift his body to avoid any eye contact.

The team was worried for Barkley, the brought him to the vet so he could examine him. The poor guy had raw and infected urine burns on his paws, while his dental health was equally shabby, however he was no stray dog. It seemed that his former owners had abandoned the pooch because he was too old for them.

For two weeks straight the stuff was struggling to help Barkley, yet they never gave up on him. Finally the pup realised that they just wanted to help him. He relaxed and started being more social and friendly. Everyone in the shelter had a special bond with him because they all saw his pure soul.

Sadly, Barkley crossed the rainbow bridge a few of years later from a cancerous mass on his back and spine which wasn’t operable. But we’re so happy Barkley got a minimum of a few of years crammed with love and affection in his final years. R.I.P sweet Barkley.

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