Vets call bait dog who lost entire part of face ‘worst case ever’ – but look at her now

Abigail Hell Bull was about 3 years old when she was found discarded by the members of a dog fighting ring. She was getting used as a bait dog as she closely resembled a worn-out chew toy. She was dying from deep puncture wounds on her head, lacerations on her back, and a huge wound on her face.

The people who rescued Abigail shared her story of nightmarish abuse on social media. The little pooch was brought to a clinic in a horrific shape. She was missing a part of her face and her ear. Abigail’s multiple surgeries were very hard but successful.

People all around the world were touched by her story. They prayed for the poor pup to stay strong and even made some special hats for her. Despite her condition Abi shocked everyone with her strength and big sould. She managed to recover much faster than what the vets thought.

However she will need to continue her treatments and has some surgeries left to do. Yet that doens’t stop her from being lovely and joyful. It looks like she really enjoys her hats and bonnets! Abigail is a true survivor.

Watch the video below for more information about her abuse and amazing recovery.