Little Dog Travels Miles By Himself Every Day To Visit His Best Friend’s Grave

Fulmine has been living with his beloved owner Leonardo, in Italy for seven years. The two friends were inseperable. Leonardo had also a daughter, Sara Sechi.“They were very affectionate,” Sechi told The Dodo. “They were always cuddling.”

Sadly Leonardo was very sick and unfortunately he lost the battle against his illness. While Leonardo was hospitalised, his family took care of Fulmine. It was pretty clear that the little pooch missed his best friend very much and he was worried that he hadn’t been home for such a long time.“Every time a car approached, Fulmine would run to the gate just in case it had been my father,” Sechi said.

Even after Leonardo’s death Fulmine kept hoping that one day he would come back home.

The day after Leonardo’s funeral, Sechi and her son traveled to the cemetery to get more flowers at his grave. And once they arrived, they were surprised to see who was already there before them. It looked like Fulmine had walked nearly 2 miles from the countryside, all on his own, arriving at the spot where Leonardo had been laid to rest.

“I didn’t expect to seek out him there,”
Sechi said. “He hadn’t been at the funeral. I even have no idea how he knew where to travel .”“We think he goes there a day ,” Sechi said.Yet, how Fulmine knew where to seek out Leonardo remains a mystery.“I wish to think he’s guided by his love for my father. Or that my father led him there,” Sechi said. “It’s one among those strange things without a true explanation.”

Poor Fulmine is still graving about his loss but thankfully he is not alone. Sara took him home with her, at the end Fulmine has a very special meaning for her because he was her father’s best companion.

He will always remind her of him. “It makes me emotional to believe what proportion my father loved Fulmine, and the way much Fulmine loves him,” Sechi said. “It’s sad to ascertain him grieving, but we’ll slowly overcome this sad moment together.”

Rest In Peace Leonardo! We wish the best for Sara and Fulmine.

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