Abused Puppy Left Inside A Walmart Bag Makes Amazing Recovery

In Coachella, California a person was walking down the street when he heard cries coming from a dumpster. He approached and quickly noticed a plastic Walmart bag with a five-week-old pit bull mix puppy in it. They brought the injured puppy to a local jewelry store for help.

Alejandra Espinoza Zazueta’s mother works at the jewelry store and immediately called her for assistance. When she arrived she saw the poor pup covered with third-degree burns on her skin from her midwaist down to her back legs. They named the pup Hope and quickly informed the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, a non profit organization which focuses on helping abused and neglected animals.

The rescue posted on her initial condition, “It appears as if she was burned with a caustic substance, or a metal object like an iron. She is only a few weeks old, had a portion of her tail cut off, and can not walk due to being beat and assaulted.”

Hope was in agony as she suffered severe burns which covered about 30 precent of her body causking her skin to slough off. She was brought to an emergency animal hospital where she was on 24-hour watch and care.

Despite the fact that Hope’s recovery is going to be long and hard, she has Zazueta by her side, who loves her and is ready to adopt the pup. Even if she will stay paralyzed Zazueta won’t give up on her. “She has a home and we’re waiting for her eagerly. We have everything [for her], we’re ready, and we’re just waiting for the day that they call us and say we can go pick her up.”

At the same moment the authorities are looking for the individual who is responsible for Hope’s terrific situation.  “We are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible.”

For more information watch the video below:




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