Heroic Dog Gets Shot While Defending His 16-Year-Old Human From Armed Burglars

A German Shepherd was shot multiple times and badly beaten as he tried to protect his 16 years old owner from two men who broke into their home in Des Moines, Washington.

When burglars invaded Javier Mercado’s home, he was alone in his house with Rex. Everything occured right after noon. Javier suddenly heard a sound and went to check through his window. He noticed a vihecle that he wasn’t familiar with, and some men inserting the house. Rex ran to see who was inside, when Javier heard someone screaming “the dog bit me,get the dog!”

The moment this happened , Javier called 911 and got into the closet. “Rex stormed back to the upstairs floor all beat up and bloody,” shared Javier’s aunt. “Soon, the criminals proceeded to the upstairs floor and trashed all the bedrooms. As they entered the space where Javier was hiding within the closet, Rex came out with the small strength he had left in him and threw himself at them as he knew my nephew was in peril .” Unfortunately, they shot the pup fourfold and he gave up his fight.

Rex , however, has been taken to BluePearl, an emergency pet hospital, in Renton. He had gunshot wounds in his neck and hind legs that required surgery.
The happiness that the dog made it through, however, was amid the priority that they don’t have the funds to hide Rex’s health care expenses. So relatives, friends, and therefore the community started a fundraiser for Rex, who is now mentioned because the Hero Dog. On Friday, Rex overcame his initial procedure successfully . Let’s wish this heroic dog will get healthier as quickly as possible!

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