Man Sleeps With 600 Rescue Dogs To Keep Them Warm At Night

An angel in disguise, Dejan is taking care of 600 street dogs that he rescued from all over the place, making sure that they stay alive and able to withstand the extremely cold temperature.

However, he soon found it impossible to show down any dogs in need. This caused his shelter to grow much larger than he had anticipated. He won’t have as many resources as he’d hoped, but he continues to try to to everything he can to save lots of lives.

Nearly a day , Gacic brings a dog home with him. Sometimes he finds dogs alone on the streets and other times, people drop them off on his property. no matter how he finds them, he can’t say no to them. He knows that if he doesn’t take them in, they’ll likely be euthanized.

Dejan always did his best and everything he ca just to make sure that his furry friends are in the best condition that they could ever be. This so that they can survive the harsh winter that began in November and could last even until May.

On the coldest winter nights, Gacic does everything he can to stay the dogs warm. Inside the shelter, he features a stove to start out a fireplace . However, the hearth can only do such a lot to stay the dogs warm when it’s below 0 degrees Fahrenheit outside. So, Gacic often sleeps within the shelter with the dogs. He found that body heat is that the best thanks to keep all of them warm during the cold winter nights.

For this man with a heart of gold, his happiness comes from watching all his puppies playing every day in the sunrise.

Check out his Dejan’s Instagram page, dedicated to rasing awareness about rescued dogs and all the effort he gave to secure the dog’s health and happiness!

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