Owner Moves Out Of Apartment & Leaves Friendly Dog Behind To Die !

His body was slowly worn out, and his fur had fallen off. He withered to the skin and bones as he faithfully waited for his owner to return.

One of the worst things an individual can do to a dog is to leave it behind after moving out of the residence. This is exactly what happened to an innocent puppy whose owner left him in a residential complex.

Maybe that person didn’t have the time or resources for the poor dog, but they could at least take him to a shelter. Instead, they left the poor animal alone, with nothing to eat, drink or anywhere to travel.

A good Samaritan found the pup in such an emaciated state of health that he was barely recognizable. Fortunately, he was taken to a rescue group for urgent help at a veterinarian.

At first he was too afraid to eat food, even though he was starving. However, he showed an interest in water, which was an honest start.

Veterinarians have begun a slow and ongoing process of testing, grooming, and checking. As his sick little body trembled with fear, the sweet pup would wish time to trust humans again.

They got him a blood transfusion, which helped immensely as the puppy began to show some strength and signs of impatience to eat on his own.

As time went on, and he put on a few pounds, he even started steering and wagging his tail. The clinic staff is so happy when they see his recovery.

The puppy was named Mas and was adopted by an excellent person. he has been playing with other dogs lately, has full hair and has regained complete health.

We like to know that Mas will be fine and will never be neglected or abused again. For more information on his amazing story, check out the video below.

We remind our readers to urge in-tuned with local animal control or an area rescue if you’ll not look after your pets.




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