Neighbors unite to save paraplegic dog that was thrown into a river

 Animals are so docile and loving that it’s incredible to believe that there are people with such rotten hearts. These capable of committing the worst acts against them.

A group of neighbors witnessed once they found Dug, a paraplegic dog with the worst of pasts.

One day in São Paulo, Brazil a neighbor noticed something strange floating in the river. When he approached he saw it was a pup, which seemed totally helpless. He knew he had to do something to save the poor dog’s life.

Immediately, the man asked another neighbor to give him his boat so that he could gp where the puppy was. He grabbed the pup firmly, and pulled it out of the water. He was breathless at the sight of his terrible condition. He was exhausted, could not walk, and was also suffering from malnutrition.

When the poor pooch was brought to a local vet, he had  some superficial and painful body injuries. Devastated, the puppy lay there, with strength only to lift its head. The animal drank water with a syringe and ate.

The dog was also admitted to the clinic and within the veterinary evaluation, he was found to be during a lot of pain but showed no signs of choking or fluid in his lungs. Old injuries were found. And there are indications that he has been paraplegic for a few tim

Gisele Carvalho, director of the NGO Grupo de Proteção Animal de Registro, believes that Dug was intentionally thrown into the river to urge obviate him.

The old scars on his body show the cruelty that was done to this poor creature, however Dug’s amazing spiritl and friendly behaviour is the most precious thing.

Gisele wants to seek out the human who caused this puppy such a lot damage in order that he pays for his actions. The activist is worried that it won’t be very easy to find Dug a forever home since his has this kind of conidtion, yet they aren’t losing faith because Dug hasn’t lose his!

We wish for the little pup to find a new loving home and finally live the life he deserves!




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