Kittens Can’t Stop Cuddling With The Police Officer Who Saved Their Lives

Officers Adkins and Hiller from Arlington, Texas, showed once again that members of the police forces are always ready to go an extra mile for the well-being of the comunity members. No matter if a human or an animal is in need of help, these two officers never hesitate to step in.

“They located the kittens inside the bumper where most likely the mother cat had placed them for some reason,” Jesse Minton, of the Arlington Police Department, told The Dodo. “The owner of the car advised she did not own a cat and had no idea how the kittens got in there.”

Once they figured out exactly where the kittens were, Officer Joe Bob Adkins was able to carefully reach under the car and gently remove the tiny, confused kittens.

Once in officer’s Adkin’s car, the babies felt they were safe and wanted to thank their rescuer by climbing on him and didn’t plan on leaving his side.

The officers immediately took the kittens to get checked out by a vet, who determined they were around 6 weeks old, and were relieved to hear that they were in fairly good condition. They assumed the kittens must be hungry, having no idea how long they’d been under the car, and so the officers fed them some formula out of a tiny bottle, falling more and more in love with them by the minute.

The amazing officer Adkin fell in love with these tiny creatures and was willing to take them under his care. When he made sure that they were healthy, he took them home. He is thinking of naming them TJ and Max.

The two kittens are now fully safe and enjoying their life with their beloved owner officer Adkin!

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