Good Samaritans Rescued Dog Who Was Nearly Strangled By A Kite String

Paul Tilghmon and Heather Johnson from Fulton County saved a Georgia dog who was nearly strangled by a small noose. If they hadn’t rescued the dog, she wouldn’t have survived in such a bad condition.

The couple spotted the poor pup near their home. What they were about to see shocked Paul and Heather. The dog had been badly beaten and abused with a kite string tied around her neck so tight that she couldn’t breathe. When the couple gave her some food, she was choking and couldn’t swallow. Her head was swollen from lack of circulation, and her eyes were swollen shut, and full of pus. What kind of person would do something so terrific?

Heather and Paul decided to post some pictures of the pup on their Facebook page to raise awareness. “Poor little girl, Heather and I found her beaten and abused with a rope tied around her her neck so tight that once we gave her some food she was choking and couldn’t swallow. Her head was swollen from lack of circulation. Eyes swollen shut, full of pus… Fulton County Animal Services came and picked her up…”

Second Chance Rescue NYC was willing to take the pup in their shelter. They named the little dog Cheers and brought her immediately to a vet, so she gets examined. Thankfully Cheers fully recovered and the shelter managed to find her a loving home very fast.

“Cheers has come a long way from being found with a kite string tied around her neck. She is now named Maddie and is enjoying every moment of her new life,” Second Chance Rescue NYC revealed in an update.

Cheers new adoptive mom gave her a new name, Maddie. She is now able to enjoy her new life and be taken care of the way she truly deserves.

Maddie is now happier than ever! We are very thankfull to have people and shelters who are willing to help all those animals in need and we hope that the abusers who were responsible for Maddie’s former situation, face the consiquences soon.

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