Stray Dog Hops In Stranger’s Car And Immediately Falls Asleep

Life is full of surprises and you’ll never know what will happen. Sometimes, these surprises can actually lead to something really good. And this hilarious, but the extremely adorable story is all about that!

Coelho and his wife drove to a local pharmacy to buy some medicines that they needed. What they were about to see, truly shocked them.

A strange little pup was sleeping in their car!

“I had just come out of a pharmacy and I was in the parking lot,” Coelho said. “My wife opened the door to enter the car and this dog came along as if he knew us.”

It seemed that the pup was a stray dog which possibly had walked a long way, since his paw were very dirty. He also had a very weird smell as if he had search for food in the garbage.

The poor dog didn’t have any  necklace or badge that could maybe lead to an owner. So the couple didn’t want to leave the little pup again on the streets.

“He settled on the car floor and slept,” Coelho said. “He seemed relieved to find a safe place to rest.”

When they finally arrived home, the little pooch kept sleeping on the sofa!

“My dogs were frightened because [the dog] is very busy and playful, but there were no fights,” Coelho said. “Soon, he was already familiar with the environment and my other dogs accepted him.”

Coelho decided to post some pictures of the dog on his social media, so he could maybe find his former owners.

Thankfully his old family saw the post, contacted Coelho and they arranged a day so they could pick up their dog since they needed to drive 13 kilometers. The pup’s original name is Thor.

“Thor was happy to find his family, it was very evident,” Coelho said. “He recognized the couple, the car, and even his canine friend who came along.”

“It made me sure that the right thing was done,” Coelho added, “and everything turned out well.”

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