Doomed To Die In Fire, He Knocks Doc To Floor To Thank Him For Sparing His Life!

Smokey was found chained in a homeless camp, where he was living, when suddenly a big fire broke out. The poor pup was terrified seeing people running all over the place and leaving him behind. He had no clue what was about to happen to him.

Later named Smokey, was left chained to a tree while everyone else safely ran away and forgot the helpless dog.

Rescuers responded quickly and found Smokey. They cut off the chain from his neck and rushed him to Peggy Adams Animal Rescue where he could be taken care of.

After the vet examined the little pup, it was pretty clear that he would need extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation.Smokey was then transferred to Jupiter Pet Emergency & Specialty Center (JPESC) where he could receive specialized care. He would need multiple blood transfusions, daily medicated baths, bandage changes and sessions in a hyperbaric chamber that would reduce both swelling and pain.

Dr. Latimer and the incredible medical staff at JPESC had done an amazing job with Smokey.  They managed his pain and provided a loving environment so he could begin to come out of his shell and trust humans again. After all those treatments and love, Smokey recovered very fast.

Many veterinarians would have opted to put Smokey down. He was in bad shape, had no home, and wasn’t a big fan of humans but Dr. Latimer refused to turn the dog away. He and his staff felt Smokey deserved a fighting chance. Somehow, this special dog found his way into Dr. Latimer’s heart.

Look at Smokey and Dr. Latimer having a moment! Isn’t it precious? It’s as if they came to a mutual understanding. It’s as if the doc is saying, “you fight hard, boy, and I’ll do my part to fix you.” And Smokey is saying, “Okay!”

Smokey was finally ready for his forever home, but he couldn’t forget his favourite vet and his JPESC family. The sweet pooch was brought to the clinic again, and when he first saw Dr.Latiment again, he couldn’t stop wagging his tail. You could see the happiness in his face! After all this was the person who relieved him from all the pain he was on, his hero!

Check out the video below for more information!




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