Two-Legged Stray Mother Cares For Her Homeless Family !

There is a two-legged stray in China who has given birth to puppies, and even along with her disability she still takes care of her family and makes sure that none of her puppies are harmed.

We know that animals are hardy and many times adapt to their environment and survive the best they can.

After all, there are many homeless dogs in the world who struggle daily to seek food and shelter, but it amazes us how even homeless dogs with disabilities are willing to thrive and survive life on the streets.

Mom Shi Bao and was not always homeless. Her owner left her, and she took refuge near Kouguan Railway Station in Datong, Shanxi Province. Unfortunately, she lost her hind legs in the accident. Locals believe she was either hit by a car or run over by a train, but in any case, she survived and has since defended herself.

Shi Bao recently gave birth to healthy, beautiful puppies. A two-legged mom takes her babies to the train station every day while they look for food. The heroic mom makes sure her puppies are always around.

We know animals in China aren’t also protected by laws as other animals in other countries, but we hope that Shi Bao and her babies find an honest Samaritan or animal rescue organization that might take them in put an end to their lonely and harsh days on the streets.

All animals deserve a home of love, and Shi Bao has proven that she deserves true love and good luck for the rest of her life.

China estimates there are 130 million stray dogs – many of them are victims of growing urbanization that has caused many people to enter tall buildings with little room for pets.

A lot of dogs live hard lives on the road. Widespread abuse of strays by the general public, and thus the risk of being caught in dog meat or succumbing to hunger and disease.

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