Man Kicks Dog Off Porch, Breaks Her Spine And Leaves Her Permanently Paralyzed !

Her disability never prevented her from being a loving dog. But many did not see it that way, and no one wanted to adopt her because of her diapers.

The brave puppy mix was in a desperate state after surviving the onslaught of cruelty of a corrupt man. The person mercilessly threw her off the porch, severely injuring her spine and leaving her permanently paralyzed from behind.

Although Courage had no will to continue fighting, she was saved by Rhode Island rescue called “Friends of Homeless Animals.”

Once Courage got the medical attention she needed, she surprised everyone by coming back to life! Becky Paniccia came forward to adopt her and help her adjust to life as a pet with special needs.

Courage not only flourished in care , but also rediscovered her independence together with her help of her wheelchair!

Despite her destructive past, Courage had a big heart and a particularly gentle personality. When rescuers saw her love and joy for the snow, they equipped her with special skis. Once she was skilled with it, nothing could stop her from becoming a ski star!

Courage feels alive whenever you ski. Her disability never prevented her from having genuine fun, but many didn’t see it that way.

No one wanted to adopt her, mostly because she is incontinent and has got to get on diapers 24/7. Sadly, that’s a bitter reminder of abuse she’ll carry forever.

But with diligent rescue efforts, Courage has finally found her true forever home as it deserves! She now receives all the love, respect and care so that she never remembers her painful past life. We hope she manages to live an extended and happy life! Go Courage !!

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